Date: 4 Nov 2020

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Jessica Enright, Milan Markovic, Georgios Leontidis, David Matthews, David May, Aiden Durrant


Agri-food, Food Supply Chain, Data Sharing, Interoperability, Data Trust,Internet of Things, Blockchains, AI

Data Sharing and Interoperability for Data Trusts


The aim of this half-day virtual workshop is to bring together a group of interdisciplinary researchers, practitioners and policy makers to explore aspects related to the concept of data trust for agri-food from various angles. The discussion will be structured around plenary talks focusing on themes very relevant to realising building blocks necessary for constructing data trust models, followed by breakout sessions for further brainstorming about a specific research question. The overarching aim of a data trust model is to enable stakeholders, end users and other interested parties to share their data securely through trustworthy, transparent and reliable processes. This multifaceted approach concerns the use of various technologies, some more mature some others still in their infancy, to realise the development of underpinning technologies (both basic and applied research) to start building the components needed for establishing a data trust model.

In addition to investigating core technologies such as Blockchain, Machine Learning, Ontologies, Privacy preserving technologies, etc., one needs to also consider regulatory aspects, policy making and legal concerns. Therefore, our workshop is expected to touch upon both core technological issues preventing data trust models from being widely adopted, as well as issues about adoption, trust, and accountability towards enabling organisations to consider a data trust as part of their data sharing and interoperability strategies.A relatively recent report from the Royal Society touches upon issues that are very relevant to our workshop’s themes (such as privacy preserving technologies).

In order to investigate all of the above, we have put together the below agenda, which we hope will lead to fruitful discussions with the aim to come up with some ideas that can form components of an eventual implementation of a viable governance for data sharing and interoperability in data trusts.